When to Turn to Commercial Roofing Experts

Commercial roofs are typically different from residential roofs, and most local companies tend to be residential, and not commercial roofing, experts. For example, the tops of many businesses, plants, and distribution centers tend to be flat instead of sloped, and this makes a big difference in the types of roofing materials and the way they need to be applied.

Commercial Roofing InstallationReceive training to be a commercial roofer at NRCA, www.nrca.net/Education

How to Find Commercial Roofing Experts

Do you need a roof installed, repaired, or simply maintained. As you contact local companies, make sure you ask them about their commercial roofing expertise. If the company has worked on thousands of roofs, but the vast majority of their jobs were residential, you might want to consider a company with a lot more experience in commercial roofs.

Energy Considerations

In the past, businesses just wanted a solid and durable roof for their business. They needed it to hold up without a lot of maintenance, but they did not really think about the environmental impact of a roof. If you have ever taken the chance to stand on your own business roof on a hot day, you know that the surface can get very warm.

In some cases, it might be so warm that it is uncomfortable to touch, and this is similar to the warmth of streets with fresh tar on them. That is heat that is generated from absorbing sunlight, and it might give an an idea that your own roof would be a great place to install solar panels.

If installing solar panels on your new roof is not in your current budget, there are some good ways to stop absorbing all of the heat through your roof and into your bundling. There are reflective materials that can be laid down over your roofs, and there are also types of tiles that are known for keeping cool by reflecting light back out instead of absorbing it.

According to the DOE, these measure may reflect back out as much as half of sunlight, so they might be worth the investment. First, they can help you save money on your business utility bills. Secondly, they can help you keep your business more comfortable, and that is likely to help keep your customers and employees a lot happier.

Of course, if everybody did their part to make their commercial buildings more efficient, especially when they need roofing work done anyway, we could reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Talk to a commercial roofing expert for ideas.

Get To The Bottom Of Pier And Beam Foundation Repair

When you think about foundation repair in general, your stomach might drop. However, when it comes to pier and beam foundation repair, are you ready for some good news? The cost associated is more inexpensive than most people think, and not only that, but the time it takes for repairs to be made isn’t as long as many people think either.

Of course you don’t just want anyone fixing the foundation of your home. You want the repairs made to be long-lasting and efficient. There are going to be different situations within different homes, so you need qualified professionals to be able to examine the damage and what needs to be done.

If you have a pier and beam home, you need to be getting your home inspected for termites on a regular basis as well so that you don’t run into even worse repair situations. Another issue that comes up with pier and beam foundations is rotting wood, but again the wood that has rotted can easily be replaced by a team of professionals.

Foundation RepairYour home’s foundation is not something that can be ignored. The longer you wait, the bigger the problem, especially if you’re dealing with a post-flooding situation in which the excess water started rotting the piers and beams.

You want a team that is going to use quality jacks, wood shims and block piers so that the work can be done correctly. Everything regarding a foundation needs to be leveled, so you want to ensure that the foundation problems are detected correctly. Furthermore, an economical solution needs to be suggested when it comes to your pier and beam foundation repair.

How can you tell if your foundation is in need of repair besides just the more obvious signs? Sometimes there can be a gap in between a wall and the floor, and door frames can sometimes not be level. Of course you want to pay attention to any sagging floors, and if shims are in place, a repair might have been previously attempted.

You also want to keep mold away, as this can seriously get out of hand and contribute to foundation problems. What are the two top causes when it comes to a a pier and beam foundation repair issue? They are moisture and poor initial design and construction. Be aware of these two factors, and if you’re in need of assistance, ask a trusted company to come out and do a thorough examination.